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      Investments and Portfolio Management

Norwich Financial Advice (NFA) offers both personal Investment advice and an individual Portfolio review and advice Service.  As an established Norfolk investment adviser, NFA will assist and advice the new and relatively inexperienced investor with more modest sums to invest as well as the more sophisticated seasoned investors with larger assets.  For further details click here

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The aim of this website is to present a number of topics related to how investment advisers go about selecting and combining suitable investments for each specific portfolio in such a manner that they match each clients' individual attitude to risk and overall objectives. Often a pension investment will have quite different objectives to those, for instance, of a short-medium term investment with a focus on rapid growth in high risk emerging markets. 

NOTE! This section of the Website is currently being updated! 

An investment adviser will often have quite a number of Investment solutions to choose from, but the skill in the Wealth management business is to pick the right one, for the right client, at the right time!


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WARNING: The value of Investments can go down as well as up and you may not get back the money initially invested.


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